Yahwe, Yahwe, Ancient One
Yarabba ssalami amter alayn
Yerushalayim shel zahav
Yes, I believe You're the Christ -> Jesus first
Yesterday, Today And Forever
Yet I will praise (I will praise You)
You And Me
You And Me Alone -> Take All I Have
You are a kind and loving God (You care for us)
You are forever -> Through it all
You Are For Me (Greater is He who lives in us than every king who rules on earth)
You are God in heaven -> Let my words be few
You are God of the heavens
You Are Good (I want to scream it out)
You are good (Lord, You are good)
You are good You are good -> Forever Reign
You are holy
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
You are holy, You are faithful -> You Are
You are in control -> You are my shepherd
You are mighty
You Are My All In All -> You Are My Strength When I Am Weak
You are (my everything)
You are my God, You are my fortress -> Fortress 144
You are my hiding place
You Are My King (Amazing Love) (I'm forgiven because you were forsaken)
You are my shepherd (You are in control)
You Are My Strength When I Am Weak (You Are My All In All)
You are my world
You are sovereign -> Your name is holy
You are the answer for my life -> Take me
You are the fountain of my life (Your love reaches me)
You are the light -> Looking Forward
You are the Lord (Famous one)
You Are The One (You're the one who made the heavens)
You Are (The River Wide)
You Are The Shephard (I belong to You)
You Are Worthy, Lord And King
You are worthy, oh Lord, of all honour (Any crown I've ever worn...)
You Are (You are holy, You are faithful)
You Brought Me Home (Your Name oh Lord endures forever)
You call me out upon the waters -> Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
You came to us a man -> Hail to the King
You can come as you are -> Come as you are
You care for us -> You are a kind and loving God
You chose the cross with every breath -> Lost In Wonder
You did not wait for me -> I'm forever grateful
You Do All Things Well
You don't have to worry -> My life is in Your hands
You formed us from the dust -> Created To Worship
You found me in the darkness (I'm in love with You)
You gave up Your life
You give life -> Great Are You, Lord
You have become for us wisdom -> All that we need
You have called us
You have laid your hand on me -> How can I live
You have made me in Your image -> Image
You have my heart -> Unfailing Love
You Have Shown Us
You Heal My Wounds
You hear de lam's acryin'
You hear me when I call -> Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)
You Know That I Love You -> King Of Majesty
You know who I am (I need You)
You laid aside Your majesty
You led me to the cross
You'll Come
You make Your face to shine on me -> And that my soul knows very well
You Never Let Go (Even though I walk)
Young and old, rich and poor -> So Great
You Raise Me Up
Your blood gives me access -> Oh Lord, You're beautiful
You're All I Want -> Draw Me Close To You
You're all that I evere wanted -> Who is like the Lord
You're arriving with the sound of thunder -> All bow down
You're here (So near)
You're my rock
You rescued me
You're the lion of Judah
You're the one who made the heavens -> You Are The One
You're the sun (To you I come in blindness)
You're Worthy Of My Praise (I will worship with all of my heart)
Your eyes meet mine (Accepted)
Your face outshine the brightest light -> King Of Glory
Your glory fills the heavens -> You Saw Me
Your Grace Finds Me (It's there in the newborn cry, there in the light of ev'ry sunrise)
Your grace is enough
Your kindness (Waiting for angry words)
Your love flows like a river
Your love has captured me (Be glorified)
Your love has opened my eyes -> New Day
Your love is amazing -> Hallelujah
Your Love Is Beautiful (You Surrounded Me)
Your Love Is Deep (Your love is high)
Your love is devoted -> Ever be
Your love is high -> Your Love Is Deep
Your love (Jesus, Your loving kindness)
Your Love Never Fails (Nothing Can Separate)
Your love O Lord -> Highest
Your Love, O Lord (I will lift my voice)
Your love reaches me -> You are the fountain of my life
Your love, shining like the sun -> Pour over me
Your mercy taught us how to dance -> Dancing Generation
Your Name (As morning dawns and evening fades)
Your Name High
Your name is holy (You are sovereign)
Your Name oh Lord endures forever -> You Brought Me Home
Your Renown (On this journey home)
Yours Is The Kingdom
Your steadfast love
Your unfailing love
Your word goes out in all the earth (Undivided heart)
You Saw Me (Your glory fills the heavens)
You Shine (Why should I fear man)
You spoke life into existence -> Something Beautiful
You spread out the skies -> Wonderful Maker
You stand alone
You stood before creation -> The Stand
You Surrounded Me -> Your Love Is Beautiful
You touch my soul, Lord
You turned my wailing into dancing
You unravel me with a melody -> No Longer Slaves
You've called us to eat from Your table -> Table Of Grace
You wanna change the world -> Send a revival
You were the Word at the beginning -> What A Beautiful Name
You, You Are God
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