Liederbuch: Send a Revival

Helmut Jost and Gospelfire: "Send a Revival" (Songbook)

Creative Kirche Medien GmbH - Sandstraße 12 - 58455 Witten
Songbook Nr. 140 450 035. - 1. Auflage 2006.

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Nobody like Jesus (There ist nobody)
Sunday morning
14  I will keep on singing
19  Bring it all before the throne (Whatever load you carry)
24  When the trumpets sound (When the saints)
28  Lead my ways (Where is my place)
31  Send a revival (You wanna change the world)
36  Thank the Lord (There may be troubles and sorrows)
40  Keep the faith (This is a message)
44  Everybody bow down (The trump shal resound)
48  At the sound of that name (The demons tremble)
51  There is peace (When there's shadow on your soul)
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