CD: Helmut Jost and Gospelfire: Send a Revival

Helmut Jost and Gospelfire: Send a Revival
Produced & arranged by Helmut Jost
Crative Kirche Medien GmbH, Sandstraße 12, 58455 Witten 2006
Bestell-Nr. CD: 440 410 035

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Nobody like Jesus (There ist nobody)
Sunday morning
I will keep on singing
Bring it all before the throne (Whatever load you carry)
When the trumpets sound (When the saints)
Lead my ways (Where is my place)
Send a revival (You wanna change the world)
Thank the Lord (There may be troubles and sorrows)
Keep the faith (This is a message)
10  Everybody bow down (The trump shal resound)
11  At the sound of that name (The demons tremble)
12  There is peace (When there's shadow on your soul)
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