Brightly beams our Father's mercy (Let the lower lights)

1) Brightly beams our Father's mercy
from His lighthouse evermore;
but to uns He gives the keeping
of the lights along the shore.

Refr.: 1.-5.
Let the lower lights be burning,
send a gleam across the wave;
some poor fainting, struggling seaman
you may rescue, you may save.

2) Dark the night of sin has settled,
loud the angry billows roar;
eager eyes are watching, longing,
for the lights along the shore.

3) Trim your feeble lamp, my brother,
some poor sailor tempest-tossed,
trying now to make the harbour,
in the darkness may be lost.

4) As the Father sent the Son out,
so dies Jesus send His own.
To tell out the Father's mercy
where God's love is not yet known.

5) Let your lamp not be extinguished,
lest a boat should run aground,
finding not the harbour's safety
and should never more be found.

Text und Melodie: Philipp Paul Bliss und Satz 1874
Übersetzungen: Leuchtend strahlt des Vaters Gnade (Laßt die Küstenfeuer brennen)
Themen: Gnade , Jesuslieder , Sendung
Aus: "Singt von Jesus" (1970) Born Verlag, Kassel.
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