Come with thy sins to the fountain (Haste thou away)

1) Come with thy sins to the fountain, come with thy burden of grief;
bury them deep in its waters there thou wilt find a relief.

Refr.: 1.-2.
Haste thou away! Why wilt thou stay? Risk not thy soul on a moment's delay:
Jesus is waiting to save thee, mercy is pleading today!

2) These are the words of the Saviour: they who repent and believe,
they who are willing to trust him, life at his hands shall receive.

Ich will dir danken! 243
 Noten, mehrstimmig, Akkorde
Text: Frances Jane van Alstyne-Crosby 1885
Melodie: George Coles Stebbins 1885
Übersetzungen: Komm doch zur Quelle des Lebens (Eile dahin)
Themen: Evangelisation
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